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Why Not
Oceanic Experience

Contact +(506) 8626 5594 for any inquiry.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

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Amenities included in every tour

Open Bar

Enjoy unlimited drinks at our open bar on the ship that serves all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Let it be, beers, shots, wine, cocktails, and many combinations like margaritas. We also provide non-alcohol drinks, like juices, sodas, water, fusions. 


Gourmet Dining

The cuisine changes depending on the type of tour you choose. During a sunset tour, you will enjoy 4 different gourmet servings, this unique and delicious menu is prepared onboard by a chef and they will be served throughout the tour, combined with your favourite drinks and extraordinary views. 

Snorkelling Equipment and Life Jackets

The opportunity to snorkel is available in every tour as we provide all the necessary equipment like a mask with tube, fins and life jacket if needed.

As this is the pacific ocean, the conditions of the water are different every day. 

Tropical Bay
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Costa Rica enjoys an incredible amount of marine life. Depending on the tour you choose, we will take you to the most virgin coasts or islands to see the incredible marine life that the Pacific Ocean offers. From Moorish idols to sharks and Manta rays, there is a chance to see it all when you come with us.
Please note that the conditions of the water change every day


You can enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica’s Pacific Oceans on top of Why Not Oceanic! This is a one-of-a-kind experience. We offer more than just daily tours. We want you to have an adventure as long or short as it suits your needs best, all while exploring this amazing country together with us.
The people who work at our company love travelling too. Surfing trips are also available upon request as well as week- or month-long trips to any place your heart desires.


Private Sunset Tour

USD 3000 up to 15 people

Spend half a day on a private charter along the Tamarindo bay area, with an all-inclusive open bar, 4-course meanwhile sailing through the pacific oceans and snorkelling to your heart's content, this tour can be personalized according to your needs.

Private Overnight Sailing Adventure

USD 7000 per day. Up to 6 passengers.

With 4 bedrooms each with an ensuite bathroom, A/C and hot water, we encourage you to create or choose your own adventure, fitting to your needs. Contact us for more information and recommendations.

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Ocean Water

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Tamarindo, Guanacaste Costa Rica

+(506) 8626 5594

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